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The Untitled

When social shut-in, Malcom (Dontrell Callahan) wakes up this morning, he certainly wasn't expecting a cold surprise, a car crash, and a possible accessory to juvenily homicide, all in a day.

All this is preparation to meet their female friend, Laila's (Stephanie Fox) new love interest. Malcom has to make sure he and his best bud/roomie, Trend (Chris Molakakis) and unhappily wed pal, George (George Butiri) are up for what Laila has brought home this time.

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Headshots / Photography

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We can take your headshots, create your comp cards, and give you prints, along with a CD-ROM of all of your work. We ask that you bring along at least two sets of clothing for headshots, and at least 4 sets for comp cards.

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Demo Reels / Editing / Filming

We offer a variety of editing for your videos. We can:

Ask us about pricing since price is dependant of length of project, time scheduled, production cost, and other factors.


ActingShowcase.com free talent listing

Visit ActingShowcase.com today to upload your video work, demo reels, short films, monologues, and more. It's a free to use website. Use our custom built search engine to look for talent in your area.

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